Field Trip to Kepompong Gendut


Kepompong Gendut is a movie production with a house scale. Previously it is a community with sort of people who like to make a short film, but then they realize their capability and start to make “Big Movies” which need a production house for film. So they cooperate with other production house, and study the system of making a movie, which they can apply by themselves later. The movie that produced by Kepompong Gendut are, CI(N)TA, Demi Ucok, and other short film. The actor comes from their friends and family.


The group member is only below 10 people, but they can work as effective as they can with just that number, and the office located in the family house. So they can visit the office just like their own home. This is very innovative and creative, making a house into a workplace that have the function like ordinary office. The other innovation is in the way they transform a big production house into small production house with capability making a “big movies” in cinema.


What I like the most is how they adapt, firstly making the movie is their hobby, but later they realize the greater capability rather than making a small or short movie, the actor can play even in big movies like in cinema. Beside, I also like the concept in the workplace or office, which is simple but have all function like an ordinary office. And also, with only small number of people, each people can focus on what their job is, so it is not confusing if we have problem in one division, we know what to do.


I learn a lot from this field trip, especially how hobby can turn people to work on the hobby, because if someone doing what they like everyday and relate it with working, it means we doing something we like but still in working condition that produce money from that.





Creative Business Ideas

This article mostly talks about the creativity in the business, the information is gather from the website , about the article titled 45 Business Ideas We Loved in 2011. As an entrepreneur we have to full of new and creative ideas to compete with other people, that article roundup the business ideas from the year of 2011, which already happened and make a conclusion from those ideas.


Here are list of the 45 business ideas based on the author favorite ideas in 2011:


1. Career Coach

2. Personal Social Media Consultant

3. Memory Organizer

4. Invasive spiciest pest management

5. Tablet app development

6. Online video production

7. Specialty foods provider

8.  Online privacy management

9. PR for socially responsible business

10. Personal concierge

11. Senior care service

12. Resale retail

13. Home day care

14. Yard work

15. Computer maintenance

16. Cleaning service

17. Energy efficiency consultant

18. Recycler

19. Pet sitter

20. Organizer

21. Virtual assistant

22. Remote bookkeeper

23. Translator

24. Cost Cutter

25. Social Media consultant

26. Copywriter

27. Health insurance consultant

28. Home Renovation

29. Tree care

30. Taxi service

31. Local farming

32. Commuting service

33. Residential environmental service

34. Small-biz social media

35. Interior Design

36. Education consultant

37. Kids consignment shop

38. Local Internet marketing consultant

39. App designer

40. Green consultant

41. Off-hours childcare

42. Ecommerce warehoyse/shipping

43. Business security consultant

44. Party business

45. Tablet repair




From the 45 list of many new creative ideas, it can be a source for any people to growth the business in a creative way, because business is not static it always developed in direction that people like and needed, and as an entrepreneur we have to find out those important information to compete in the market. Creativity is important for the performance of the business.




Creativity in Fashion Trend

As mentioned in the other previous article, creativity is not just an art, it may have different paradigm to each people. Creativity can also be applied in the fashion trend, which I will mostly talk about in this article. From the website of , it can be seen from the first appearance of the website that has a simple design but gives many information about the trending fashion news and event, such as new york fashion week, and other fashion trend.


This website also contain women and men trends, with some forecast or prediction of each gender trend, and other things. There are also some article from the website about prediction about color, material & texture, print & graphics, and others. Beside clothes, this website also provide a deep information seeking about trend in footwear, denim, silhouettes, global street style, etc. which is very important to known by fashion designer. This website gives information about the creativity for fashion designers, because the most important thing about fashion is when and how the fashion becoming a trend, there must be some forecast or prediction about these things.


In addition, this website also provide a mobile application to keep informing the reader about newest trend through smart phone like apple, android (playstore), and blackberry devices. The author want to inform the reader by keeping in touch with the trend of smartphone nowadays, that can connect people through the internet network 24×7 a week. With that benefit, the reader can be informed and read the latest article or trend as quick as they see the notification from the smartphone.








Research in the World Development

This time I will review a website that specialize in summarizing or making a trend report of article that trending at that time. From the website , it can be seen that the website mostly publish a trend reports, research reports, white papers, and presentation that focus on a broad range of macro which affect the business and consumer alike. In addition, this website specialized in searching the latest trend about business worldwide and making a report based on that trend.


For example, there are article about 100 things to watch in 2013, which is talks about development in travel, technology, food, retail and sustainability which may become trend in 2013. The other example is article about recommendation of music trend, which can be seen from the picture below:






JWTIntelligence also provide the article that focus on identifying changes in the global zeitgeist to compelling opportunities for brands, the website also known by people as world best-known marketing communication brand. Because it gives many information related to macro information about the business trend nowadays, which is the basic and general information worldwide, and can become the opportunity for business people especially marketing people to find as many information as possible.

Creativity Design and Product

Creativity is not just about art or design, it can be applied in all of our activities in our life, and also in business sector creativity is very important. The main thing about business is how our company or business especially the product or services can be delivered effectively to the target market or customer. In this case the marketing strategy is very important to promote the product or services.


Based on the statement about the importance of marketing strategy, I will review some blog that talks mostly about the creativity in marketing, the website is , which is an online marketing blog. This website mostly talks about the marketing of big companies in the world, and also strategy to build an efficient and effective marketing strategy and also improving the networking through several tips and trick. This website can give a new paradigm about marketing of product or services that can be applied generally in any business.


In addition, this website also provides information regarding the trending information about product nowadays, which is very useful for marketing people to promote through that information process, and spread the information in a broad area.


Here are the website appearance with some article about the marketing itself.





Brightspot Market 2013

Brightspot Market 2013 is one of the biggest market-event held in Indonesia, it was has held on 14-17 February 2013 at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Brightspot was founded in 2009, which make the 2013 event is the 5th Brighspot Market held in Jakarta.


This Brightspot Market is made by Indonesian youth as a place to deliver new ideas; the tenant from the Brighspot Market mostly comes from local tenants from all over Indonesia. The brand also varies from the fashion tenant until food tenant.


Brightspot Market 2013 was held in the same day with Indonesia Fashion Week, which make the crowd the same with Indonesia Fashion Week. The traffic on the road also very crowded, many people want to participate those 2 events. 





Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Review

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 was held on 14-17 February 2013 at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. It is the first fashion event that combines fashion shows and trade show. This event also provide a fashion exhibition ranging from women’s wear, men’s wear, kids wear, and accessories, and also seminars and competitions. The objective of this event is to attract people to gives new information about latest fashion and improve the fashion industry growth in Indonesia.


Indonesia Fashion Week event held in 3 zones, which are Starting Point, Concept Point, and Green Point. There are 442 booths in total, with 168 fashion designers and 585 brands participating in Indonesia Fashion Week.





Enhance Creativity and Career by New Inspiration and Ideas

There are many ways to enhance people creativity, especially creativity that may lead in improving your career performance. From the article about 80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career which is quoted from the website url , that article would become a source to be read, because from that article it is mentioned 80 website that rated to be a source of creativity and ideas which can be implemented in our life and becoming a creative person.

Based on the author of article, he or she has chosen 80 website that the author think is the best source and become must-read article. The author also categorized each blog or website mentioned in the article such as all-in-one, inspiration, tutorials, web development/code, etc.

Creative opera (the author website) is designed to focus on giving advice to new designers or design student, but they also offer many other things as well. Because creativity is not just an art or drawing or designing something, creativity can be defined in a broad sense, which is vary to each people.

Here are some screenshot from the website, including several website mentioned in the article:




All-in-one website screenshot that explained about the web design:


Creative Something Website Review

This time I will review creative website of that is made by Tanner Christensen on 2008. The author has ambitious in learn everything about creative idea thinking so he made a website of list of creative idea and article based on his definition about creativity.


He also made this blog as a source for creative inspiration and ideas to be explored by people. He defined creativity as our innate ability to solver problems, dream up new inventions, have big and small ideas, and change our world. The definition of creativity itself may vary between each people, because they defined creativity based on how creative they are.

CI 5

From the website we can see many article related to creative ideas. The website itself is still updated until now, so the information and ideas still follow the trend nowadays. Sometimes he also stated the way to think creatively through several articles, which is very inspiring with good quotes to help the understanding.

CI 5-

This website somehow motivate the reader to be a creative person by giving ideas and how to become a creative person by opening a new mindset and setting a new paradigm to the world, we can applied the creativity in anything in the world, it just one skill that can be developed even more and can be helpful in our life.

Enhance Student Creativity

From the article How to Enhance Creativity in School Children that are quoted from the website , it can be seen that mostly the article talks about the new way to enhance the creativity of student in the school. These new activities can be adopted and applied to any school, to improve the creativity of student, which is very important. Being a creative person can make someone become innovative to solve any problem.

Below are the activities stated from the article about enhancing the creativity:

Word Games

Word games are a great way to encourage creative thinking because it allows children to make connections and establish relationships between different words

Visual Thinking Words

Games that employ the use of visual thinking are great because they encourage visualization and the use of imagination—two important aspects of thinking creatively

Drawing Games

Certain types of drawing games can help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity

Teaching Tips to Enhance Creativity

Besides utilizing specific games, you can enhance creativity through the way you teach and interact with your students.

CI 4

Being creative is not just being good at art or drawing, but creative can help the person to live their life in a good way and developed many skills that can be used in the daily life. Creativity is a skill that people must have and developed since they was child.