Blog Review

Based on the blog content from , I found many interesting photos posted taken with a great camera shot. The blog mostly contain a sort of photos which is unique and creative. The author use that photos as the media for communicate through the blog, it is proved that with only just a photo, people may get a thousand word from the picture. In addition, a creative and innovative photo or picture can explain the condition of the surrounding of the photo when it is taken.

Nowadays, development in advanced technology are keep increasing, such as the existence of high quality camera that can take the picture with a high definition, that may bring the environment of the surrounding to the picture taken, that later on other people may just can feel the atmosphere by just seeing the photo.

In addition, the blog itself is very inspiring, the author has taken photo that capture the daily life of human as natural as possible, such as the technique of photography of food, technology, fashion, architecture, etc. The photo can also be used as the media of promoting something, like a food may just looks very delicious with a great shot, or a fashion goods may interact other people to buy just with a good promotion photos. Unfortunately, this blog has not been updated since 2011, where in 2013 many people start to think the more creative and innovative.



ImagePhoto of


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