Prediction of Business Trend and Ideas in 2012

From article title “30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012” written for website, many statement can be found about the prediction of business trend and new ideas that develop and appear in 2012 based on several business people and companies that already established. Some new trends stated are related with development of technology that grow and improve each year in this globalization era. Here are some statements of the ideas quoted in the article.


In the year of 2012, the proximity-based social networks will start to develop, people will be able to talk with some strangers they meet in the social network. Using the technology of smart phone that may discover some people nearby or event they attend, and other information related to people activities. Using this opportunity, this condition gives advantage for people who have business to spread the network and make a partnership through that.


Besides, the Information Technology is also developed in 2012, many new technology like software, hardware and other new gadgets released. People also use that technology to optimized their business and making a work or job done in an effective and efficient way through that software, such as using the software to optimize back office that may make accounting done in easier way. Many business software also start to develop that focus on creating value for the business that may spread your business network for customer and supplier. Another example of the information technology development are, in 2012 people will utilize the social media to help them recruit people for company through LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


Growth in several aspect of your business may give advantage to expand the business even more, in a result of increased franchising and expansion of the business. Many smartphone will release in 2012, and that product really interested by people especially tablet that taking off, people can access information through that devices and mobile learning is begin to develop. With that condition, companies and businesses will start to develop business software for the devices that can be accessed by the consumer. Social media also develop even more in the devices, creating more ads for company and also make many consumer product and technologies start to develop because in 2012 smartphone and tablet become a need for people in daily life.


In the year of 2012, information technology will take place for improvement in businesses, even small business will try to take place for this online market, which currently starts to grow due to existence of smartphone and tablet. In this globalization era, it is not hard to communicate and interact with people around the world; people may receive information worldwide that which can be useful in business world.

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