Presenting Ideas and Information in a Creative and Unique way!

Based on the blog , I found something that unique and creative from this blog. Basically this blog have an innovative or creative in presenting information in an easy and interesting way, so people would like to read the information from this blog with a simple design. The information itself are vary, from news, book review that linked to, interview with selected people, etc.


Presenting information to people with a simple design that easy to understand is quite hard, because people have different perspective to each other especially when gathering information, some people want as complete as possible some just want the main point of the article/information, but in this blog it is combine together, the information like news are summarize and present in a new way, and the article or news chosen is also selected based on topic that make people curious.


And also, from this blog there is an interview section of Q&A with generalist people that may inspire other people. In addition, the bookshelf section is very helpful to find out a good book to be read. There is also a section that describe some places of vacation that recommended to be visited, that may become an inspiration vacation to share new idea with people around the world.

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