Creative Something Website Review

This time I will review creative website of that is made by Tanner Christensen on 2008. The author has ambitious in learn everything about creative idea thinking so he made a website of list of creative idea and article based on his definition about creativity.


He also made this blog as a source for creative inspiration and ideas to be explored by people. He defined creativity as our innate ability to solver problems, dream up new inventions, have big and small ideas, and change our world. The definition of creativity itself may vary between each people, because they defined creativity based on how creative they are.

CI 5

From the website we can see many article related to creative ideas. The website itself is still updated until now, so the information and ideas still follow the trend nowadays. Sometimes he also stated the way to think creatively through several articles, which is very inspiring with good quotes to help the understanding.

CI 5-

This website somehow motivate the reader to be a creative person by giving ideas and how to become a creative person by opening a new mindset and setting a new paradigm to the world, we can applied the creativity in anything in the world, it just one skill that can be developed even more and can be helpful in our life.

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