Creativity Design and Product

Creativity is not just about art or design, it can be applied in all of our activities in our life, and also in business sector creativity is very important. The main thing about business is how our company or business especially the product or services can be delivered effectively to the target market or customer. In this case the marketing strategy is very important to promote the product or services.


Based on the statement about the importance of marketing strategy, I will review some blog that talks mostly about the creativity in marketing, the website is , which is an online marketing blog. This website mostly talks about the marketing of big companies in the world, and also strategy to build an efficient and effective marketing strategy and also improving the networking through several tips and trick. This website can give a new paradigm about marketing of product or services that can be applied generally in any business.


In addition, this website also provides information regarding the trending information about product nowadays, which is very useful for marketing people to promote through that information process, and spread the information in a broad area.


Here are the website appearance with some article about the marketing itself.





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