Creativity in Fashion Trend

As mentioned in the other previous article, creativity is not just an art, it may have different paradigm to each people. Creativity can also be applied in the fashion trend, which I will mostly talk about in this article. From the website of , it can be seen from the first appearance of the website that has a simple design but gives many information about the trending fashion news and event, such as new york fashion week, and other fashion trend.


This website also contain women and men trends, with some forecast or prediction of each gender trend, and other things. There are also some article from the website about prediction about color, material & texture, print & graphics, and others. Beside clothes, this website also provide a deep information seeking about trend in footwear, denim, silhouettes, global street style, etc. which is very important to known by fashion designer. This website gives information about the creativity for fashion designers, because the most important thing about fashion is when and how the fashion becoming a trend, there must be some forecast or prediction about these things.


In addition, this website also provide a mobile application to keep informing the reader about newest trend through smart phone like apple, android (playstore), and blackberry devices. The author want to inform the reader by keeping in touch with the trend of smartphone nowadays, that can connect people through the internet network 24×7 a week. With that benefit, the reader can be informed and read the latest article or trend as quick as they see the notification from the smartphone.








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