Enhance Creativity and Career by New Inspiration and Ideas

There are many ways to enhance people creativity, especially creativity that may lead in improving your career performance. From the article about 80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career which is quoted from the website url creativeopera.com/2009/80-design-blogs , that article would become a source to be read, because from that article it is mentioned 80 website that rated to be a source of creativity and ideas which can be implemented in our life and becoming a creative person.

Based on the author of article, he or she has chosen 80 website that the author think is the best source and become must-read article. The author also categorized each blog or website mentioned in the article such as all-in-one, inspiration, tutorials, web development/code, etc.

Creative opera (the author website) is designed to focus on giving advice to new designers or design student, but they also offer many other things as well. Because creativity is not just an art or drawing or designing something, creativity can be defined in a broad sense, which is vary to each people.

Here are some screenshot from the website, including several website mentioned in the article:




All-in-one website screenshot that explained about the web design:


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