Research in the World Development

This time I will review a website that specialize in summarizing or making a trend report of article that trending at that time. From the website , it can be seen that the website mostly publish a trend reports, research reports, white papers, and presentation that focus on a broad range of macro which affect the business and consumer alike. In addition, this website specialized in searching the latest trend about business worldwide and making a report based on that trend.


For example, there are article about 100 things to watch in 2013, which is talks about development in travel, technology, food, retail and sustainability which may become trend in 2013. The other example is article about recommendation of music trend, which can be seen from the picture below:






JWTIntelligence also provide the article that focus on identifying changes in the global zeitgeist to compelling opportunities for brands, the website also known by people as world best-known marketing communication brand. Because it gives many information related to macro information about the business trend nowadays, which is the basic and general information worldwide, and can become the opportunity for business people especially marketing people to find as many information as possible.

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