Field Trip to Kepompong Gendut


Kepompong Gendut is a movie production with a house scale. Previously it is a community with sort of people who like to make a short film, but then they realize their capability and start to make “Big Movies” which need a production house for film. So they cooperate with other production house, and study the system of making a movie, which they can apply by themselves later. The movie that produced by Kepompong Gendut are, CI(N)TA, Demi Ucok, and other short film. The actor comes from their friends and family.


The group member is only below 10 people, but they can work as effective as they can with just that number, and the office located in the family house. So they can visit the office just like their own home. This is very innovative and creative, making a house into a workplace that have the function like ordinary office. The other innovation is in the way they transform a big production house into small production house with capability making a “big movies” in cinema.


What I like the most is how they adapt, firstly making the movie is their hobby, but later they realize the greater capability rather than making a small or short movie, the actor can play even in big movies like in cinema. Beside, I also like the concept in the workplace or office, which is simple but have all function like an ordinary office. And also, with only small number of people, each people can focus on what their job is, so it is not confusing if we have problem in one division, we know what to do.


I learn a lot from this field trip, especially how hobby can turn people to work on the hobby, because if someone doing what they like everyday and relate it with working, it means we doing something we like but still in working condition that produce money from that.





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